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Galati & Sons Tuckpointing Inc. is a family-owned business that has been serving Saint Louis and surrounding areas for over 70 years!
Because we are a specialty company and not a general contractor, we focus our expertise on your masonry needs.
We, as a family, want to ensure you, our customer, peace of mind in knowing that all jobs awarded us will be supervised and performed by our own trained professionals.

Safety Certified by the State of Missouri

Galati & Sons
4606 St. Vincent Ave.
Shrewsbury, MO 63119
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Executive Team

Daniel Galati President
Patricia Storck (Galati) Vice-President
Delores Braddy Office Manager
Angie Burns Safety Consultant/Project Manager

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  • Safety certified
    by the
    state of Missouri
  • Free Estimates
  • Insured for customer Protection
  • Member of the Better Business Bureau
  • Angie’s List Super Service Award for 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009


Solid Tuckpointing Solid tuckpointing is the removal of all old mortar with the replacement of new mortar throughout the entire masonry area.

Spot Tuckpointing Spot tuckpointing is the removal of old mortar with the replacement of new mortar in various spots throughout the masonry area.

Brick Work We also provide brickwork services from rebuilding of chimneys, bulging walls to new construction.

Masonry Waterproofing Brick, Block and Stone Siloxane waterproofing is the best preventative maintenance that money can buy.

The waterproofing product used to protect your masonry is a deep penetrating siloxane solution. This helps any masonry surface resist cracking, spalling (de-facing), staining and other damage related to water intrusion.

This product will protect masonry surface for approximately 7 - 10 years.


  • Family owned and operated since 1935 Service after the sale
  • Tuckpointing and masonry specialist Masonry is our only business
  • Competitive pricing and quality material Material & workmanship warranted
  • Member of the Better Business Bureau Customer’s assurance information
  • Workman’s comp & public liability insured Full coverage for customer protection
  • Safety certified by the state of Missouri Safety-trained employees
  • City and county business license Registered with city and county
  • Supervised job sites Care for your greatest, single investment
  • No high pressure sales tactics Free estimates


Homes that have been completed in the City of St. Louis and surrounding areas. Check out our work!

St. Louis City

  • 6723 Alabama Red, Dark BuffRight chimney, roofline up
  • 6325 Arsenal Dark BuffEntire Home
  • 6631 Arsenal Dark Buff2 Chimneys, Roofline up
  • 728 Bellerive Blvd. Black BuffEntire Home
  • 4133 Blow BuffChimney, Roofline up
  • 4645 Cecil Place NaturalFront Wall
  • 5541 Grand (at Bates) ChocolateEntire Building
  • 7032 Holly Hills Ave. Dark BuffEntire Home
  • 3870 Humphrey Natural, Dark BuffEntire Home
  • 2901 S. Kingshighway Dusty RoseEntire Home, 3 Chimneys
  • 5627 S. Kingshighway BuffFront Wall
  • 6524 Lindenwood BuffEntire Home
  • 6528 Lindenwood BuffEntire Home
  • 3117 Longfellow RedEntire Home
  • 3409 Longfellow Dirty NaturalEntire Home
  • 6535 Loran Dark BuffEntire Home, Garage
  • 2241 Marconi Dark BuffEntire Home
  • 5539 Neosho Dirty Natural, RedEntire Home
  • 5053 Tholozan Dusty RoseEntire Home
  • 5073 Tholozan Dark BuffEntire Home
  • 9110 Overton Dark BuffEntire Home (2007)
  • 6553 Walsh BuffEntire Home, Garage (2007)

Kirkwood/Glendale area

  • 416 Erber Ave. Dark BuffEntire Home/Chimney
  • 1419 Andrew Dr. Dark BuffEntire Home/Chimney
  • 222 W. Argonne Dark BuffChimney, Roofline Up

Webster Groves / Shrewsbury Area

  • 619 Westborough Pl. Dark BuffChimney
  • 42 Webster Woods Dr. Front Wall, Back Wall , Chimney
  • 404 South Park Ave. Light BuffFront Wall and Porch, Left Wall
  • 310 Carmel Light BuffChimney, Lower Roofline Up

Clayton area

  • 59 Aberdeen Dark BuffFront and Left Walls
  • 6212 Alamo Entire Home
  • 17 Arundel Pl. Entire Home
  • 19 Arundel Pl. Light BlackBack Wall
  • 92 Arundel Pl. Entire Home
  • 620 Audubon BuffEntire Home
  • 841 Audubon ChocolateEntire Home
  • 916 Audubon Entire Home
  • 128 N. Bemiston Light BuffChimney, Roofline Up
  • 830 N. Biltmore Light BuffFront Wall
  • 7729 W. Biltmore Light BuffRight Wall

University City area

  • 7154 Cambridge Dark BuffEntire Home
  • 7701 Cornell Dark BuffRight Wall
  • 7028 Cornell Dark BuffEntire Home
  • 7306 Cornell Dark BuffFront and Right Walls
  • 7717 Cornell Entire Home
  • 7553 Gannon Dark BuffEntire Home
  • 1067 Ferguson Entire Home
  • 6920 Pershing Entire Home
  • 7312 Princeton Entire Home
  • 7145 Stanford Entire Home and Chimney

Chesterfield area

  • 1715 Bristol Ridge Chimney, Roofline Up
  • 15737 Country Ridge Dirty NaturalNorth Chimney
  • 15743 Country Ridge East Chimney
  • 15700 Country Ridge East Chimney
  • 30 Chesterton Lane Chimney, Roofline Up
  • 2357 Claymoor Dr. Chimney, Roofline Up
  • 732 The Hampton Lane Chimney, Roofline Up
  • 14204 Reelfoot Lake East Chimney
  • 713 Summer Oak Mailboxes & 2 Planter Boxes

Des Peres area

  • 12234 Clayton Road Dark BuffChimney Brickwork
  • 13109 Dougherty Ridge Dark BuffChimney
  • 619 Dougherty View Dirty NaturalChimney
  • 12020 Heatherdane Dark BuffChimney



  • Dear, Dan,

    I did want to thank you for working with me in getting our monument put back together. I know there were some unusual circumstances and that you and your company rather went out on a limb to get the materials from yet another company to finish the project.

    I tried to get the PO processed on my end as fast as I could and trust the payment has already come from the home office to your company.

    One again thank you for getting to the job so fast and thanks also to the crew for doing a nice job.


    Carolyn Dahm Property Manager McCormack House at Westminister Place
  • To whom it may concern:

    We, Southwest Baptist Church, Picked Galati & Sons in Nevember 2007 to do work on a church tower, we received 7 different proposals for this same job. The reason that we picked Galati & Sons is because of their upfront and honest answers that they gave us.

    In the future if any tuck-point and/or exterior building maintenance needs arise, we will be contacting Galati & Sons and would fully recommend them.

    Jim Dinkins Property Manager Southwest Baptist Church
  • RE: Thank You!!!

    I wanted to extend my thanks and gratitude for helping Mills Properties solve a huge amounts of issues in our portfolio the past three years. The quality of work done has been excellent and I really appreciate you being fair with pricing on everything across-the-board.

    In most areas of construction that I am responsible for, getting three bids for work is very Important and really standard practice. Whenever I have gotten other tuck-pointing bids you have always been competitive and committed to gaining our business. Now I am to the point where I only trust Galati for masonry work.

    I am thankful for the relationship you and I share in here is to a great 2008!!!!


    John J. Argent Capital Improvement Coordinator Mills Properties, Inc.
  • To whom it may concern:

    Galati and Sons tuckpointing, Inc. Has been involved with the upkeep of Broadmoor's brickwork for over ten years. Our Board of Managers has followed the recommendations of Dan Galati regarding chimneys that needed modification instead of just tuckpointing to prolong their useful life. Due to the large amount of brickwork throughout our complex, maintenance and repairs has been ongoing.

    The Broadmoor Condominium Association has always found that Dan and his crew complete projects on schedule and with outstanding workmanship. The Board will continue to trust the recommendations and advice of Dan Galati.


    Gary J.M. Kottke Association Manager Broadmoor Condominiums
  • RE: Zavaglia Residence, 3409 Longfellow Blvd.

    Dear Dan,

    I just wanted to thank you again for a job well done on our residence. we are pleased with the quality and overall new look. Your employees were courteous, conscientious and did an excellent job of cleaning up their mess every evening before they left.

    Renovating a century home comes with its fair share of headaches. It was nice doing a project that wasn't accompanied by what we've come to expect as the requisite heartburn. Please feel free to use me as a reference at any time. I'll be talking to you again next year I'm sure.


    Gregory S Zaviglia


  • Whispering Hills Before
  • After
  • A total removal and relaying was performed on this walkway What a transformation
  • Let us build your dream patio Before
  • After